Instead of drowning in data that takes a retrospective look at a patient's history, Curation Health can make value-based care (VBC) goals possible with a data minimalist, prospective approach. The solution's HCC risk suspecting and quality features leverage AI to super-power providers for better care management. The technology assists providers in identifying and flagging potential conditions based on a rich data set including electronic health record (EHR) data, claims data, and other disparate data sources, aligning with the principles of VBC.

The best part? The platform seamlessly integrates with Epic and many other EHR systems, with customizability for the customer.

  • Enhanced Patient Care: Curation Health's HCC Risk Suspecting and Quality features enable providers to uncover gaps in patient care, ensuring a comprehensive and proactive approach to addressing health issues.

  • Optimized Clinical Workflow: Our platform seamlessly integrates into existing clinical workflows, offering clinicians a scannable summary of a patient's health history. This empowers them to manage and address suspected medical conditions efficiently, prioritize quality, and identify care gaps.

  • Improved Coding Accuracy: Curation Health's solution ensures precise HCC coding, contributing to more accurate risk adjustment.

  • Reduce Burnout and Increase Provider Productivity: The platform is easy-to-use and saves providers' time. By highlighting conditions most relevant to the patient, the provider has more time with the patient to develop an appropriate care plan.

Curation Health has been helping our healthcare partners with prospective risk adjustment and HCC risk capture for years. In one health system that was a pioneer in VBC, implementation of our platform and risk suspecting feature surfaced a newly detected underlying condition that had not been previously identified in one out of every seven patient visits.


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